5th July 1792 (Thursday), Mirow
18th March 1873 (Tuesday), Jasienica, Police
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Heinrich Ludwig Theodor Giesebrecht was a German poet and historian.
He studied history at the universities of Berlin and Greifswald, and in the meantime served as a volunteer in a Mecklenburg-Strelitz Hussar regiment during the Befreiungskriege (Wars of Liberation). From 1816 to 1866 he taught classes at the gymnasium in Stettin, attaining the title of professor in 1826. In 1848 he represented Stettin in the Frankfurt National Assembly.He was a good friend of composer Carl Loewe, for whom he wrote the lyrics to numerous oratorios.
Names of Ludwig Giesebrecht:
  • Giesebrecht, Ludwig

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