27th March 1884 (Thursday), Lilienthal, Lower Saxony
19th February 1979 (Monday), Göttingen
Age at death:
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Moritz Jahn was a Lower German novelist and an educator. He was also a poet, best known for writing poetry as well such as ballad, lyric, and narratives. Jahn was born in Lilienthal, a suburb in Lower Saxony to a Low German family. He was the member for Nazi Party. He has written notable books with narration such as Frangula and Lucifer. He was active from the 1920s to 1950s.
Names of Moritz Jahn:
  • Jahn, Moritz


  • 1958: Klaus-Groth award
  • 1959: Fritz-Reuter award
  • 1976: Honorary member of Quickborn

Works authored by Moritz Jahn