26th March 1904 (Saturday), Copenhagen
17th June 1956 (Sunday), Gentofte
Age at death:
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Otto Peter Leck Fischer was a Danish writer and playwright. He was the brother of the politician Viggo Kampmann. Fischer was a socially conscious writer that portrayed the modern urban man with a sad, gray everyday life. His literary style was cool and matter-of-fact. Fischer was read and appreciated in his day, but he has since been forgotten (except in literary-history circles), perhaps because he was so closely associated with the time in which he lived and which he portrayed. Fischer made a name for himself in many genres: novels, films, and radio drama. He is buried at Mariebjerg Cemetery…
No own Low German works, only translations or works about Low German.
Names of Otto Leck Fischer:
  • Fischer, Otto Leck

Works authored by Otto Leck Fischer