Plattmakers is a dictionary of the Low German language compiled by Marcus Buck. Low German is the language of both northern Germany and the north-east of the Netherlands (there, however, it is called Nedersaksisch). It was once the common language of all people in this region, but has now been marginalized more and more by the influence of High German and Dutch.

Plattmakers collects the vocabulary of all Low German dialects and tries to present it concisely and make it easy to research. Many of our word entries are provided with maps that show the regions in which the word is used.

Every Low German word has a Low German explanation. Similar to how Merriam-Webster, Chambers or the Oxford English Dictionary explain English words in English, Plattmakers can be used as a Low German to Low German dictionary. In addition, we also offer translations of the words. There are currently translations into English, German and Dutch.

Plattmakers was contrived in 2007 and went online in 2009. Since 2022 the Low Saxon literature search Plattmakers Black is also part of Plattmakers.